Matte Board All you need to know about matte board


Choosing a Good Matting Board for Your Photo and Painting.

When you have a stunning photograph or painting, you want to mount it perfectly. You will need to carefully select a wooden or metal frame that will accent the beauty of the picture. You can also enhance the photograph or painting even more by using a matting board.

Matting Board

Matting Board

The Benefits of Matting Board

A matting board acts as a frame within the glass. It offsets the item without blocking any part of the image, and it can be used to bring out certain colors or aspects of the picture. Matting boards protect the photograph or painting by keeping it away from the glass. In some unfortunate circumstances, pictures that have rested against the glass have been damaged by condensation, but a matting board will prevent that from happening. A matting board also protects the picture from any cleaners that you use on the glass or frame. Matting boards also give you the benefit of being able to place a small picture in a frame that is larger.

How to Purchase a Matting Board

There are several things you must do before you purchase your matting board.

  • Measure the photograph or painting. This will help you to know the frame size the matting board will rest in.
  • Determine the margin. The margin of the matting board is how much of the board will show between the frame and the picture. If you have a small picture in a large frame, you will need a wide margin, but you may want smaller margins when framing paintings.
  • Choose a core color and material. The core of a matting board is the inside color. You can choose a solid core that has color all the way through, a white core, or a black core. You should also determine if you want the matting board to protect your picture from acidic damage. If so, you should choose an archival board.
  • Determine the thickness. Matting boards come in single, double and triple thicknesses. The object you are framing will determine the thickness you want based on appearances.
  • Choose a color. This is sometimes the most difficult step. Try to choose a color that will enhance your photograph or painting. It might be a subtle overtone that occurs in the image, or it may be something bold and definitive. Take your picture with you when you shop to help you choose the perfect matting board.
  • Precut or Custom. The size and color you want may determine whether you purchase a precut matting board or a custom cut board. Precut matting boards do not give you as many options, so you may not be able to find the color and size that you want. Custom matting boards give you much more variety, but they can be more expensive to order.

Once you have chosen the matting board, you can place it with the picture in the frame. You may want to have this professionally done at a framing shop. You can then take your photograph or painting home and enjoy it for many years to come.