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The Beauty of Pre Cut Mats for Photo and Painting.

Pre Cut Mats

Pre Cut Mats

Pre cut mats allow you to frame your treasured pictures or paintings without the hassle of ordering custom mat boards. Mats keep your picture safe from condensation that may gather inside the glass, and they set apart your framed item to make them look even more spectacular. A mat also allows you to choose a frame that is larger than the picture that will be placed in it. Pre cut mats are available in many framing and hobby stores, but you can also order them over the Internet.


Pre cut mats come in a variety of colors to suit the photograph or painting that you will be framing. While you will get more choices with custom cut mats, you will have plenty to choose from amongst the precut variety. White, black and ivory are frequently produced in pre cut sizes, but manufacturers have started branching out into other colors as well. You may also be able to find pre cut mats in the following colors:

  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

If the store doesn’t carry the color you want, visit another shop or browse online sites. You are very likely to find the perfect shade for your picture in a precut mat.


Mats typically come in three types of thickness. A single mat board is 1/16” thick and is known as a 4 ply mat board. Precut boards are also available in 6 ply and 8 ply. The thickness you want is determined by the effect that you want the mat to have. Simple pictures may do best with a 4 ply board, while more complex pictures can be given depth with triple matte board, or 8 ply.

You can also create a similar effect by layering different colors of precut mat boards over your picture. This is often known as stacking and can give your picture even more character. To do this, choose pre cut mats that all fit in the same frame but have openings cut to different sizes. Choose colors that will enhance the colors in the painting or photograph, but avoid using too many mats that could detract from the original beauty.

Precut mats are an excellent choice when you want to frame a beautiful object but don’t want to pay a hefty price. Since producers have acknowledged the popularity of precut mats, they have started providing a wider selection of colors and sizes for consumers to choose from. This will make it easy for you to find the perfect precut mat to suit your photograph or painting.